Hardback Photobook

Customise the outside of your book with a glossy printed cover. Includes your title on the spine for easy identification.

About This Product

The hardback cover on this photobook prevents dog-ears and damage building up over time which means it's ideal for physically storing the family albums for years to come.

The glossy printed cover can be customised with a range of different templates and in any colour too.

Paper Options

  • Matte

    Popsa uses heavier paper than other companies so that your product feels more substantial.

  • Gloss

    Print your memories on luxurious UltraHD gloss paper for a stunning reflective finish.

Packaging Options

  • Standard Packaging

    All of our products come in a protective cardboard wrap as standard.

  • Gift Box

    When you turn this on, each photobook will come in its own gift box.

Shipping Options

  • Standard Shipping

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  • Express Shipping

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  • Tracked Shipping

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Enduring Legacy

We're all taking more photos than ever before, but how often do we look at them?

Our Hardback Photobooks are the best back-up money can buy. They'll be around long after your hard-drive has been wiped or your phone has become obsolete.

And with your photos - literally - to hand, there's no better conversation starter around the coffee table.

  • High Quality

    Stringent, globally implemented HP print standards guarantee the photobooks you receive will be of a consistently high standard.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Popsa uses biodegradable and recyclable paper, covers and ink.

    All paper is sourced from sustainable, renewable sources.