Hardback Photobook

Customise the outside of your book with a glossy printed cover. Includes your title on the spine for easy identification.

Example of Hardback Photobook


The hardback cover on this photobook prevents dog-ears and damage building up over time which means it's ideal for physically storing the family albums for years to come.

The glossy printed cover can be customised with a range of different templates and in any colour too.

       Pages: 20 - 150
       Max. Photos: 1,350
       Weight: Approx. 230g
       Dimensions: 200mm x 150mm
       Binding: Perfect-bound with end-papers
       Cover: 2.9mm board, with spine
      Cover Finish: Hardback cover finished in luxury black silk-touch paper
       Paper Finish: Mild gloss
       Print Resolution: 2400dpi digital toner

  Extra Pages

You can upgrade this product by adding additional pages. Simply tap the upgrade button at the bottom of the print layout.


Choose from hundreds of different colour schemes to give your photobook a personal touch with just two taps.

Enduring Legacy

We're all taking more photos than ever before, but how often do we look at them?

Our Hardback Photobooks are the best back-up money can buy. They'll be around long after your hard-drive has been wiped or your phone has become obsolete.

And with your photos - literally - to hand, there's no better conversation starter around the coffee table.