Acrylic Ornaments

These shatterproof decorations make ideal gifts for children and grandparents alike. Create personalised decorations in minutes, straight from our app.

About This Product

It’s back! This Christmas, print your very own decorations – in just a few taps – with our super-simple app.

This limited edition Christmas Tree Ornament is this year's must-have stocking filler gift. Get yours now while stocks last.

When you order three or more, you’ll also get a helpful discount. So, that’s one for you, one for Gran, one for a friend, and counting!

  • Polished Acrylic

    Our classic acrylic ornaments are made from polymers designed to be both highly durable and to perfectly reflect the lights on your tree.

  • Ribbon Included

    Every ornament is supplied with a silver ribbon, allowing you to hang it straight on your tree.

Packaging Options

  • Standard Packaging

    All of our products come in a protective cardboard wrap as standard.

  • Gift Box

    When you turn this on, each ornament will come in its own gift box.

Shipping Options

  • Standard Shipping

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  • Est. Delivery

  • Always check the latest delivery estimates in the app before purchasing.

Product Information

  • High Quality

    Stringent, globally implemented HP print standards guarantee the photobooks you receive will be of a consistently high standard.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Popsa uses biodegradable and recyclable paper, covers and ink.

    All paper is sourced from sustainable, renewable sources.