Popsa's award-winning technology is designed to take away the frustration that is usually associated with personalisation.

Reduced Time

Traditionally it can take an hour or more to make a personalised gift. There are lots of tools to choose from but they're just that - tools. And somehow you need to make something with them.

Popsa doesn't just give you the tools, we also do the hard work so you don't have to.

We use technology to do the heavy lifting.
Freeing you to think about the finishing touches.

Fewer Decisions

Most of us are not natural artists, but we all recognise beauty when we see it.

So instead of making you decide on the crop of each photo or the precise arrangement on a page, we generate a design for you.

We use bespoke algorithms to analyse the content you've selected. Then we calculate the most appropriate layout using mathematics, logic, and a bit of common sense too.

All within 2 seconds.
Your gift or souvenir ready to order.

Less Hassle

Fewer design decisions means the number of tools can be dramatically reduced, allowing you to focus on what's important - the content.

Other Products

An overwhelming range of tools to learn.


Technology does the work. Not you.

How does it work?

Our proprietary algorithms analyse six key attributes of the content you've selected in order to generate an appropriate design:


Time is used to determine importance and chronology. Lots of photos within a short period suggests significance.


Geoposition is useful for splitting a continuous stream of content into discrete events to avoid mixing of sentiment.


Aspect ratios and orientation are used to match photos to appropriate templates with the least amount of cropping.


If there is part of a photo that doesn't fit, we detect the scale and positions of any faces to ensure they are always moved into view.


The size and sharpness of the photo is compared with its scale and neighbouring content to determine promotion or relagation into other frames.


The pattern of content is evaluated and re-adjusted after every design decision until there is an aesthetic variety across the product.

The Result

On average, our customers order photobooks just 6 minutes after their design is generated.

We've also seen a transformation on what people are printing: Nights out, SnapChat screenshots, and photos of every day life have become as popular as weddings and birthdays.

The speed and ease of Popsa technology is making personalisation accessible to all.

Watch This Space

We're working on plans to extend the platform into new areas and to make it even faster still to personalise goods.

Soon you won't even need to wade through your camera roll to find your best snaps - we'll do that for you too.

Download the Popsa app to benefit from the latest updates as they get released.