How to make a photobook in 30 seconds

Creating a great photobook design is easy. Ordering is even easier. Check out our video walkthrough guide below:

Select the product you want to make from the list.

Browse your photos and choose the ones you want to print. Hold down on any photo to preview it at full-screen before selecting it to include in your book.

Give your book a title. This will appear on the front cover.

On the print-layout, choose your favourite colour scheme.

Change the templates until your design is just the way you want it.

Drag your photos from one space to another by holding down and moving your finger around the screen.

Toggle between edge-to-edge printing and borders.

Tap 'ORDER' to view the price and set your order details.

Enter your address and your payment details.

Confirm your order, then wait for your photos to upload to the printers. In just a few days it will be delivered to your door. :-)