How do I claim the 20% discount on my first order?

First you need to download the app and create an account. We'll send you a voucher code for the discount to the email address that you sign up with. You can enter this voucher on the 'Order Details' page.


How do I create a photobook?

Creating a photobook in Popsa is really quick. In fact, once you've chosen a selection of photos to include we generate a suggested layout in under 2 seconds!

All you have to do to get started is to choose a photobook type, select some photos and then enter a title. After a layout is displayed you can edit the placement of your photos, change the colour scheme and swap around templates until you're happy.

How do I delete a print?

Simply hold down on the print's thumbnail on the print index to bring up the delete option. Just like you do when deleting an app from your phone.

How does Popsa automatically generate a suggested photobook layout?

The boffins back at Popsa HQ have spent a lot of time developing and perfecting our own unique algorithm to do this. We call it 'printAI' and this is how it works:

We look at your selection of photos and analyse the date they were taken, their location, the order in which you selected them, their orientation, aspect-ratio and finally whether they have faces in or not.

After this analysis is done we start matching up your photos to appropriate photobook templates with the aim of cropping out the least amount of image possible. Sometimes a crop is unavoidable, but to make sure we position the photo in the best place we use the latest state-of-the-art technology to detect faces, and, if there are any faces cropped out we'll automatically reposition the photo within the frame so that they come into view.

We aim to do all of this within 2 seconds to make the process of making a book as easy as possible.

Can I upgrade my Softcover Photobook to a Hardback?

Yes. You can do this via the button at the bottom of the 'Order Details' page.

Can I add more pages to my photobook?

Yes, watch this video tutorial to find out how.

Can I change the order of the pages of my photobook?

Yes, watch this video tutorial to find out how.

How can I swap out a photo I don't like?

Simply tap on the photo to open the Edit page, then tap 'Replace' to choose a different imager from your Photo Library.

What is the resolution my photobook will be printed at?

We print all our photobooks at 2400 dpi. This far exceeds the number of pixels on your device's screen so we throughly recommend that you choose the highest resolution photos for your photobook. Any artefacts or pixelation already in the photo will be seen when printed.

Please note: it is your responsibility to check the sizes of your photos before you upload them as part of your order.

Can I change the page templates in my book?

Yes, watch this video tutorial to find out how.

How do I transfer photos from my Mac or PC to my device?

Check out this article by our friends at imore.com. It explains three options. We definitely recommend using iCloud.com if you're on a PC.


Where does Popsa deliver to?

We deliver to 32 different countries around the world. Read the full list here.

What is the typical delivery time?

Most customers will receive their photobooks within 7 days of ordering. We advise that you allow for up to 10 working days however. Occasionally postal services can be delayed by poor weather, local political factors or by other unforeseen circumstances.

If your prints still haven't been delivered after 10 working days then please contact our support team.

Can I track the delivery of my print?

At this time we don't send out prints by recorded delivery - this is so that we can keep the price low for you. However, we do keep you up-to-date with order statuses through the upload, printing and dispatch process. You can view the status of any order by opening the app and tapping on the thumbnail of print in question.

We are looking at adding an express delivery feature in the near future.

Can I deliver to a friend?

Yes - absolutely! The delivery address can be anything you want so long as it's in a country that we deliver to. If you're ordering for someone else, just make sure that you enter a different billing address to ensure your transaction is successful.

I am ordering a print as a gift - do you include the price inside the envelope?

No, we don't include any payment information inside the packages we send for this very reason. Popsa prints make great gifts, so we definitely encourage doing it - especially as it might prompt your friend to make one for you too! ;)

What happens if my print has been damaged during transit?

This happens very rarely so please do let us know if you come across such a problem. If you can send us a photo of the damage along with your order reference code a member of the Popsa support team would normally be more than happy to issue you with a re-print.

Can I have my prints delivered abroad?

Yes! You can choose to have your print delivered to any country that was offer delivery to, no matter where you are. Please note that Popsa charges local prices. So if you're in the United Kingdom and want a print delivered to Australia you will be charged the local Australian price converted into Pounds Sterling.


Which credit/debit cards does Popsa support?

We support the following card types:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
If your card provider is not in the list above please contact us so that we can add them to our roadmap of app upgrades.

Does Popsa support ApplePay?

Yes! We support Apple Pay in all territories that we deliver to. We think ApplePay is a fantastic way to pay - it's quick and easy!

Which currencies do you support?

We support over 135 currencies from around the world. You can view a full list of supported currencies inside the app on the Settings page.

When do you charge me for my order?

We will only charge you once all the photos needed to make your print have been uploaded and verified on our servers. Please do make sure that your upload is complete before closing the app as the operating system stops the upload process when Popsa isn't on screen.

Do you have any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. There are no service fees or hidden extras. All prices are shown on the 'Order Details' screen before you confirm your order.

What about VAT or Sales Tax?

Sales tax or VAT is not applicable in some territories. Where it is, it's already included in the price you see before you place your order. There is no surprise extra cost at the end of the process - we keep things simple and transparent.

What is your refund policy?

We hope you'll love the prints your order from us but sometimes things go wrong. If there is a problem you can always talk with our support team who will do everything they can to help. There is a strict criteria for refunds - they are only offered when Popsa has made a mistake. 

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds where user-error is at fault. This includes times when you've accidentally ordered the wrong product, incorrectly cropped out faces, or mis-spelled a photobook title. 

We strongly advise that you check through your print inside the app after you've finished editing it to make sure it's exactly how you want it. As soon as the printer starts printing your order we are unable to make corrections to or cancel the order.

   My Account

What is a Popsa account?

Your account is a store of any personal information you choose to use in the Popsa app - this includes your photobook creations, order details and saved addresses. Your account can only be accessed by you. 

Having an account means that if you get a new phone or if you use two devices at the same time all your data stays in-sync.

Do I need to have an account to use the app?

Yes, however an 'account' is simply an email address in this case. You don't need to supply any other personal data to start using Popsa. We require an email address so that we can send you order confirmations and dispatch notifications.

How do I change the language used in the Popsa app?

The app displays the language that you've currently set your device to. To change the language displayed you will need to open the settings app, tap 'General', then 'Language & Region' and follow the instructions given.

Can I change my email address?

Yes. Navigate to the 'My Account' section within the app via the main menu. From here you can change your email address as well as your password.


Can I view your Privacy Policy?

Click here to read our full privacy policy.

Does anyone look at my photos whilst they're being processed and printed?

Popsa performs randomised spot checks to ensure that the quality of the print is of the highest standard and that the content of the print is decent and legal. 

Please be aware that if your print is found to contain indecent images or illegal material we have a duty to report it to the relevant authorities.

What data does Popsa store?

We only store what is necessary to provide and improve our service. e.g. We store details such as delivery addresses and any images you have uploaded when ordering a print. This data is downloaded from the secure Popsa servers by the printer and shipping provider in order to fulfil your order and deliver it to the correct address.

Does Popsa store my credit/debit card information?

No. Stripe is our payment systems provider. When you first make an order you supply your card number which goes directly to Stripe who then carry out the transaction in a secure environment. They send Popsa back a secure token that allows you to use a one-tap payment feature when you order a second time. 

Popsa does not store your payment details except for the last 4 digits of your card number which we use to help you identify different cards if you have added more than one. 

Stripe has world-class payments security in place to protect both you and us. Click here to read more about their security measures.

What do you need my email address for?

We require all customers to supply an email address so that if anything goes wrong with your order we can notify you as soon as possible. The only other way in which we use your email address is to send you your exclusive voucher codes - such as the 20% discount you get for creating your account.

Does Popsa use data for analytical purposes?

Yes. We use a very well respected mobile analytics partner, Mixpanel, to help us analyse our UX (user experience). For example, we calculate how many photobooks our customers have made so that we can improve our service. 

This kind of information helps us identify areas where we need to develop new features in order to make your user experience as best as it can be. We do not share this data with anyone else.

Is my data encrypted?

Yes. All data transfer between the Popsa app and the Popsa server, between the Popsa server and Stripe, and between Popsa and Mixpanel is encrypted.

Does Popsa sell on my data to third parties?

Definitely not!

We would love to hear from you so please us feedback via the form. Please note all suggestions that are made to us, are done so free of obligation and rights.